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Last year, the jaws of Marvel Comics fans everywhere dropped down to the floor when it was revealed that Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, one of the pillars of the Avengers and the entire Marvel Universe, was in fact a secret HYDRA agent, and seemingly always had been. Writer Nick Spencer’s new Captain America series had everyone’s tongues wagging. How could the beacon of hope of the Marvel Universe, the representation of all that is just and good, have been an agent of the world’s most evil organization? Well, the answer had something to do with the Red Skull and Cosmic Cubes, but now all of HYDRA Cap’s sinister machinations are about to come to fruition in this summer’s upcoming event series Secret Empire.

Now Marvel is announcing Secret Empire: Brave New World, a companion series to Secret Empire which tells the story of how the Marvel Universe at large deals with the truth about Steve Rogers. The new series, which is set to debut in June, is written by Paul Allor (Uncanny Inhumans) with art by Brian Level (Deadpool) and an army of Marvel’s top creators following suit and detailing how every corner of the Marvel Universe lives in a world overrun by the hordes of Hydra. Brave New World calls out to the larger Marvel Universe as it encounters its darkest days and gathers an army of creative talent to tell the tales of how some of Marvel’s heroes – The Invaders, Blade, Gwenpool, and the All- New Patriot stand united against Captain America and Hydra.

Due to the manipulations of the Red Skull, Captain America now leads the Hydra charge against the entire Marvel Universe; under this new regime, Earth’s protectors are forced to come to grips with the revelation that one of their very own is now their greatest enemy. An essential companion series, Secret Empire: Brave New World expands on a world under the boot of Hydra and how Marvel heroes, from every corner of the globe, must band together against Captain America—including his oldest allies from World War II, The Invaders. Issue #1 is written by Paul Allor, Jeremy Whitley, and Nick Kocher, with art by art by Brian Level, Diego Olortegui, Will Robson. Issue #2 features art by Brian Level, Tana Ford, and Juan M. Frigeri. Both issues go on sale this June.

Read the entire article, including an in-depth interview with series writer Paul Allor and editor Charles Beacham here.


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